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Portable Trailer Mover, Up to 10,000 lbs – The Trailer Valet XL takes the 5X a step further by making it easy to park or move your trailer of up to 10,000 lbs (4,500 kg). The XL is very easy to operate and allows you to take corners and make adjustments to your trailer position by steering as you move. It can be operated manually by using the included hand crank as a trailer hand dolly, utilizing the low or high gear. For added power, use the included Drill Attachment and a standard 18-20V Cordless Drill (we recommend DEWALT!) on the low gear, making it a motorized Boat Trailer or RV mover. At this weight capacity, the XL is one of the most compact units of its kind, making it one of the strongest portable trailer movers on the market.

Features & Specs

The Trailer Valet XL takes the 5X a step further by making it easy to park or move your trailer of up to 10,000 lbs (4,500 kg). The XL is very easy to operate and allows you to take corners and make adjustments to your trailer position by steering as you move. It can be operated manually by using the included hand crank as a trailer hand dolly, utilizing the low or high gear. For added power, use the included Drill Attachment and a standard 18-20V Cordless Drill (we recommend DEWALT!) on the low gear, making it a motorized Boat Trailer or RV mover. At this weight capacity, the XL is one of the most compact units of its kind, making it one of the strongest portable trailer movers on the market.

The Trailer Valet XL comes with never-flat solid rubber tires and an auto-brake function that acts as a wheel chock to keep your trailer in place. When the handle is down, the brake is engaged. To disengage, simply raise up the steering handle and you’re ready to move. Though the deep treads in the tire surface give you great traction on different surfaces like gravel, dirt, or grass, you will get the best experience when using the XL on well-packed surfaces or pavement.

Add a DEWALT Drill and make it a motorized trailer mover!

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What dimensions can the Trailer Valet handle?

A Trailer Valet can handle any sized trailer provided it meets the weight limits of that particular model. We recommend inviting a second person to guide your trailer from the opposite end, especially in tight spaces, as turning requirements can vary widely according to the trailer’s dimensions.

What is the gear ratio?

Each Trailer Valet model has a high and low gear train. The XL has a low gear ratio of 27:1 and a high gear ratio of 11:1.

Will the Trailer Valet work on my double-axle trailer?

Yes, as long as your trailer weight distribution is properly shifted toward the front of the trailer.

What vehicle types does the trailer valet support?

The XL supports recreational vehicles (RVs), boats, and other similarly sized towable vehicles.

What weight will the trailer valet support?

The XL supports up to 10,000 lbs. The Trailer Valet comes in several makes and models, capable of supporting variable loads.

Will the Trailer Valet work on inclines?

Each Trailer Valet model can handle its own degree of slope depending on the weight of the trailer and tongue, surface type, and trailer weight distribution. We welcome you to send our support team a picture of the full surface (with clear surface type and angle of slope) including your trailer specs. We can help determine suitability for any of our products and make a recommendation.

My trailer uses a standard A-Frame hitch assembly loaded with a battery, winch and propane tank, all of which consume space on the hitch tongue. Would the XL work with this?

The XL handles this well as you can use the coupler to move the trailer.

Is the Trailer Valet motorized?

To move the XL, you can use a cordless power drill with the included attachment. However, this method should only be used when moving your trailer on level surfaces. To avoid injury, the user should have a firm grip and ensure brake disengagement. We recommend using a cordless, non-impact electric drill with a torque output of at least 200 lb-in.

Is there a standard socket that can be used as an electric drill attachment?

We do not recommend using electric drill attachments other than the one designed specifically for the Trailer Valet; our attachment employs a unique design to ensure a snug fit on the gear axles. The drill attachment can be purchased online or over the phone.

What is the proper tire inflation?

The current XL unit has solid rubber tires. Pneumatic tires that require inflation are only found on 5X units and older models of the XL. This does not apply to new XL models nor all XL-Pro units.

Can the Trailer Valet XL remain attached to the trailer while in motion?

No, only the 5X is able to be put into a stow position.

What happens if you lose control of the trailer?

The Trailer Valet has an integrated brake which will automatically engage when the handle is released. However, the brake works most reliably on flat surfaces.

Is the brake progressive?

Our brake acts as a dead man’s or emergency brake. The Trailer Valet brake hinders all horizontal movement, but cannot slow down during use. Speed is controlled only by the crank.

Will the Trailer Valet work on dirt, gravel and grass surfaces?

The XL can only operate on tightly packed grass with hard soil or tightly packed gravel. We do not recommend using any of our models on other soft or loose surfaces. The Trailer Valet will not move on sandy, muddy, rocky, or severely bumpy ground. If you are unsure whether or not your surface is tightly packed enough, send a clear picture of the surface including your trailer specs to our support email.

My Trailer Valet works on my heaviest trailer. Will it work for the others?

Do not assume it will. The function of a Trailer Valet does not exclusively depend on weight; the size, weight distribution, and frame/coupler of your trailer will impact performance. Consult with technical support before making a decision.

Does the Trailer Valet come with a protective case or bag?

We do not sell or provide a protective case or bag for the Trailer Valet at this time.

Can this device be submerged in water (salt or fresh)?

No. Repeated or prolonged contact with water will damage the gears and chains that operate the Trailer Valet and erode lubricants.

How do I properly maintain my Trailer Valet?

Perform maintenance on your unit at a minimum regularity of 3 months; refer to the manual and/or our YouTube maintenance videos for instructions on how to properly grease the chains and bushings. Wipe down the Trailer Valet with a clean cloth after each use. Do not leave your Trailer Valet exposed to the elements. Avoid contact with water. Do not depend solely on the Trailer Valet to keep your trailer raised, as unexpected horizontal movements can cause the device to collapse, damaging both the Trailer Valet and coupler. When possible, remove the Trailer Valet and store in a dry, cool place to ensure durability.

The Trailer Valet tires are slipping on the ground and not gaining traction. What should I do?

For heavy boats, this problem may occur when there is insufficient weight on the tongue and excess weight on the tail. Make sure the tires are firmly planted on the ground. Consider shifting more of the trailer’s weight forward or cleaning debris from the surface below the tire.

I’m trying to turn my trailer, and I’m having problems.

When using a manually cranked Trailer Valet like the XL, do not stop cranking while making a sharp turn. Doing so will place tremendous stress on the leading tire. The wheels must be in motion when turning.

I cannot get my trailer up an incline.

If your trailer or boat is oriented back-first up an incline, the XL can be used to push it up. Attempting to pull your trailer nose first up an incline poses both safety and property risks.

Why is the chain on my unit loose?

The chain is made to have some slack to the unit because of the weight being tolled.  When the weight is added on the unit, the chain will tighten over the sprocket. Chains do tend to stretch out over time due to the excessive use and weight.

The screws are coming loose out of the tire axle. What do I do?

We have noticed this problem on our more recentl models and we are currently making improvements to fix it. One solution is applying a lock-tight liquid onto the screw threads and re-inserting the screw into the tire axle. If you continue to have problems, please contact us.

What is the plate on my XL for?

When installed correctly, the plate keeps the locking nut of the XL flush with the coupler, which in turn reduces the possibility of damage on the coupler should the XL pivot due to excess horizontal force. Install the plate by placing it under the ball before threading the ball into the cradle on the XL. The lip of the plate preferably faces the back of the coupler. It can be reversed if necessary to achieve a tight fit. Review these visual instructions if you need further help in using your plate.


XL Overview

How to Properly Install and Operate

Owner Stories Demonstration

Replacing the Brake Cap


Replacing an XL Wheel



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138 reviews for Trailer Valet XL

  1. Jay

    Rated 1 out of 5

    Great in theory, poor product design. I am using this to move a 3,500 lb trailer. Should be a piece of cake. However, the whole unit wants to creep out from under the tongue, and I have to fight it the whole time. It has created some very unsafe conditions for me. If I were a little weaker than I am, I could have easily been pinned under my camper a couple times. Don’t waste your money. Could likely be fixed with a beefier plate between the lockout and the coupler.

  2. Bryant A.

    Rated 5 out of 5

    My unit works great. It’s portable and compact. It moves my trailer into tight spaces. I like to leave my unit in my trailer. There was one time where I already unhooked my trailer from my car and I notice my trailer was still sticking out about an inch. I was able to hook up the unit quickly and maneuver it without having to hook the trailer back up to my car. I would recommend this to anyone.

  3. Steve B (verified owner)

    Rated 5 out of 5

    I’m pleased with the purchase of the TrailerValet and use it to back my 24′ travel trailer through a very narrow aisle with only 6″ clearance on each side, and when I get it to the back of the aisle I make a jog to position the trailer under the canopy with space on the driver’s side to move the trailer’s slide-out out 20″. Without the TrailerValet it takes two skilled people to communicate via walkie talkie and back the trailer in using my truck. With the TrailerValet I do it all by myself.

  4. Sud Cannon (verified owner)

    Rated 5 out of 5

    I bought the XL for one reason. I needed to fit my car hauling trailer and a Class A motor home into my shop with a 14 ft wide door. Once inside the door the XL allowed me to move my car hauling trailer sideways. There was no other way to accomplish this and the XL made it a snap. Check out my photos and video to see for yourself. Thx Trailervalet for a quality well built product

  5. Kenneth Miller (verified owner)

    Rated 4 out of 5

    Works great only problem I have with this unit is that handle is too short. I have to bend over to use it. Also, have a slight problem on wet gravel. Works as advertised, I use both the crank and a cordless drill

  6. Gregory Dano (verified owner)

    Rated 5 out of 5

    I live on a dead end street with a few neighbors this makes it a challenge to back into my narrow driveway. I was looking for just this type of device. It is compact, well built and powerful. You will need to use at an 18v drill for assistance nothing smaller. I’m able to move my 30′ travel trailer up my driveway and between two fence post with ease. I do need a spotter to tell me if I’m getting to close to anything behind the camper as i move it into position. Other then that you will love the power and well built trailer valet xl. Its price point is a bit on the high side but you get what you paid for! I have turned a few of my friends onto it and they love it.

  7. Kevin Snyder (verified owner)

    Rated 2 out of 5

    It works for a while then the wheel base slips backward and the ball comes out of the trailer as the trailer pushes down towards the ground. It bends the lip on the trailer coupler. I guess it just can’t handle a boat and trailer larger than an aluminum 12 foot boat. It obviously just can’t handle much tongue weight. It’s too bad it can’t handle semiheavy boats on trailers like my aluminum 18 footer with a 40 hp mecury. Every time I get home from the lake I dread using it to try and get my boat and trailer into the garage. It just struggles to move it and stay in the coupler.

  8. Jim (verified owner)

    Rated 2 out of 5

    It looked like on the video that it would work great,just what I needed to get the boat the rest of the way in the garage. I’m not sure how they made it look so easy it sure didn’t work that smooth for me! The valet always wanted to tip when I was running it thinking I’m not getting the ball tight enough I welded a tube on the part you tighten up and use a rod to get it tighter, it works better but not anything close to what the video shows.

  9. Gordon Swanson (verified owner)

    Rated 3 out of 5

    I purchased this product to move my boat by myself. works great coming out of garage but putting back in garage on small incline is impossible till on level ground. My boats a 21 foot Ultra Custom Bowrider 2000. tires slip and have to jack up back of trailer to get tongue weight. Really hard to do by myself. This was the main Reason I purchased to get boat back in garage by myself because not much room to move around and visual backing up with truck. So as far as the money to me wasn’t worth it for what I was trying to do.

  10. Roy Curry

    Rated 5 out of 5

    This is an amazing product! After I retired I bought a new boat which was heavier and longer that my previous boat but I could still maneuver it into a 3 car garage with the motor backed toward a corner and then swing the tongue once totally inside. All of this after backing it part way up the driveway toward the right angle garage opening. Absolutely no way to use the truck to get it in so I was stuck with some manually pushing and shoving getting it in and out of the garage. Add to this a hernia operation and I was on the internet searching for a solution when I came across this. The video demos I found looked like it could work for me so I ordered one thru Cabelas. It took a few trials to get the attachment process down but now it’s a breeze to move the boat anywhere. I just back the boat up the driveway partway then disconnect from my truck and move it forward. It helps that my trailer jack is positioned so I can crank it with my right hand while positioning the Valet with my left. Once all the tongue weight is on the Valet and it’s tightened down I can raise and stow the jack. I don’t use the supplied crank handle because a cordless drill works so well. Steering the Valet is so easy and it brakes if the handle is swung down. I can walk the boat up the sloped driveway, turning as I go, and back into the garage perfectly. Worth every penny. I love this product.

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