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Trailer Valet – A New Kind Of Tow Dolly

Trailer Valet – A New Kind Of Tow Dolly

Welcome to TrailerValet.com! Who are we? We’re the makers of the solution for owners of big boats with bad backs, and we’re excited to show you how you never have to worry about hooking up your tow dolly to your car again.

As boat enthusiasts ourselves, this product was naturally born out of a need for trailer dollies that we could use to hook up our boats to our cars without having to call a neighbor or friend for help.

On those days where we just wanted to get away and fish, or needed to haul something and didn’t have any help, it was nearly impossible to get a trailer hooked up to a car quickly or easily. It puts strain on your muscles, your nerves, and your patience. Simply put: we changed the game, and now thanks to our special trailer dolly, hooking up your car to your trailer is a one-man (or one-woman) job—no matter what.

The Tow Dolly For Your Trailer

So what is the trailer valet? It’s a multifunctional trailer tongue jack that’s designed to make your life easier, saving you time, energy and money spent on all of that aspirin for your back. Weighing just 45lbs, the Trailer Valet is a new kind of trailer dolly that does a lot more than just provide linear movement for your single-axle trailer. When you’re trying to navigate a narrow space like your garage, hook up a utility trailer to get out on the job on your own, or you simply don’t have time to waste getting your car and ball hitch perfectly lined up with the trailer tongue, the Trailer Valet is the perfect solution. Holding a maximum load of 5,000lbs, it can handle even the most durable steel-frame trailers, and is meant to be an easy alternative to a motorized trailer mover, without weighing you down and without having to fear it getting wet or abused. The bonus is that we’ve installed an automatic break feature, in case you do get yourself into a precarious situation. The instant-locking breaks can stop 5,000lbs of downhill force in a snap, so that even if your hand slips, you won’t ruin your day.

Built Tough To Make Tricky Maneuvers Easy

The beauty of the Trailer Valet isn’t simply that it’s lightweight, durable, and can handle the heavy loads of boats and equipment. It’s our patented three-step process for operating this tool that we feel sets is far apart from any of its competitors: Rather than wasting money on a motorized trailer dolly, the Trailer Valet operates on a very simple system that doesn’t strain you, by doing all the heavy lifting for you. You simply lift, crank, and steer: a top crank can be rotated to lift the entire trailer—which includes a capacity for lifting up to 500lbs on the trailer’s tongue alone—and then a crank on the side can be turned to move the entire trailer forward towards your car. The crank has both high and low gear mountings, and an incredibly powerful drive gear, so that you can adjust depending on the terrain or grade on which you’re moving the trailer, and it’s something you, your spouse, or even your kid (with supervision, of course) can do without a problem. Finally, a steering lever lets you easily navigate the trailer as you crank it forward, ensuring that no matter how bad your parking job is, your trailer will find the ball hitch. And when you’ve only got a few inches of wiggle room on either side of your 16’ bow rider, having a steady guide to navigate types spaces is an invaluable feature. In fact, we’re so bent on making a convenient, easy-to-use alternative to an electric trailer dolly, that the Valet can actually move your trailer at a 90º angle, without moving it forward or backward. So even if the boat ramp sits at an odd angle, or you just don’t have proper space to work with, the Trailer Valet works for you.

One Dolly, Many Uses

Whether you have one trailer or a fleet of single-axle boat haulers ready and waiting in your driveway, the Trailer Valet is to be a catch-all solution for all of your trailer needs—and all you need is one! Just purchase a mounting kit, sold here on our site, for each of the different trailers that you have, and easily mount and dismount from whichever trailer needs to be hooked up. It’s just a matter of removing a few pins. The Trailer Valet is a versatile machine designed for personal use, but it’s far from something that needs to stay in the driveway. For boat repair businesses that are constantly having to shuffle their boatyard around to make room for repairs, this is the ideal tool to maximize your time spend working on boats, and minimize the time you spend breaking out the forklift or pickup. Whatever your use for a power trailer dolly alternative like the Trailer Valet, we encourage you to browse our site, check out some of our handy how-to videos, and see why Trailer Valet is the best friend your trailer has been waiting for today!
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