Trailer Valet Wheel Dolly


For owners of dual-axle trailers who have trouble with maneuvering during hitching or parking, the Trailer Valet upgraded wheel dollies help make the process smooth and easy. Designed to easily slide in under the wheels of tandem- or triple-axle trailers, they allow easy turning and positioning. We have overhauled the first generation of wheel dollies, strengthening component materials and increasing load capacity by 40% to handle larger trailers. Designed with the same tried and true compact form factor and compatibility with all Trailer Valet movers and RVRs, each wheel dolly also boasts many major improvements. Now you can allowing you to manuever your double-axle trailers with precision and maximize your garage space.

Features & Specs

  • Upgraded 2,000 lbs weight capacity
  • Polyurethane caster wheels with brakes for precise movement and control
  • Wider wheel base fits a tire diameter of up to 32 in. and a width of 13 in.
  • Additional set of caster wheels (3 total) for increased stability and product longevity
  • Longer ratcheting foot pedal for more leverage and ease while lifting
  • Heavy duty design to handle dual-axle trailers; also great for vehicle use
  • Extra set of rollers for a smoother lift and to prevent tires from pinching
  • Built-in side handle for easy carrying
  • Comes greased and ready for a smooth glide


Wheel Dolly FAQ

What is the tire width capacity for each wheel dolly? 

The wheel dolly can support wheels up to 13 inches in width and 32 inches in diameter.

What are the wheel dolly dimensions and weight?

Each wheel dolly is approximately 29L x 25W x 19H, 57lbs 

What is the capacity of the wheel dollies? Max vehicle weight?

The weight capacity for a single tire is 2,000 lbs and a max total weight of about 8,000 lbs. 

What surface does the dollies work best on? 

The smoother the surface, the better the wheel dollies can mitigate unwanted traction. The dollies are unusable on sand, mud, and gravel.



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