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Trailer Valet JXS


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The Trailer Valet JXS is a manual hand-crank jack that has the versatility and capability to be powered by any 18-24V compact drill with the Trailer Valet Drill Attachment. It comes in two different capacities (2,000lbs and 5,000 lbs) and its patented gear material composition delivers maximum efficiency while reducing heat retention. We’ve built in a sleeve fitting to offer the ultimate protection while ensuring a smooth glide every time. The JXS comes with weather resistant shield protection, and is topped with our signature wrinkle black powder coating so that you can go further, longer. It’s time to MOVE FORWARD and replace the standard jack on your trailer! Power it up and save time, effort, and hassle and get to what you love most.

Comes standard with foot plate, Wheel Caster coming soon.

All JXS products are available for preorder, starting November 6th. For a limited time, each JX comes with a FREE Trailer Valet Drill Attachment. Product will begin shipping approximately December 15, 2019.



Extra Trailer Valet Drill Attachment

The Drill Attachment motorizes your Trailer Valet XL or 5X by attaching to your 18-20V cordless NON-impact drill, allowing you to move your trailer with just the push of a button. No more cranking until your arm gives out; power it up with the drill attachment! A drill attachment that enables the user to attach most 18V cordless drills. Users should begin slowly activating the drill, then gradually increasing speed. This drill attachment is meant to be used on flat surfaces only.

This drill attachment is included with your Trailer Valet XL purchase.

Product Specs:

  • Weight: 0.4 lbs

Extra Foot Plate

Foot plate with lock pin for JX Series.


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