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Trailer Jack

Here at Trailer Valet, we see using our trailer jack as a kind of no-brainer when it comes to hooking your boat or equipment up to your car. For those customers out there who’ve experienced frustration trying to back your car up, tirelessly aligning the ball hitch with the tongue, or icing your back after trying to move a large boat trailer by yourself—we have the solution for you.

There are other trailer jacks out there that can hold your boat or utility gear in place, and may even provide a wheel so that you can push it towards your car, but we’ve taken the trailer jack with wheel design to a whole new level: with the Trailer Valet, all you need is a two free hands to crank and steer, following a simple three-step process that will get your trailer hooked onto the ball hitch with ease, no matter what the situation.

A Different Breed of Trailer Jacks

Simply put, the Trailer Valet is a multifunctional trailer tongue jack that makes your life a whole lot easier. It is durable, and can handle heavy weight up to 5,000lbs—and because it’s a tongue jack, can also handle up to 500lbs from the tongue.

Our goal was to create a jack that could take on all of the challenges that you face with your trailer, and act as your personal assistant—so you don’t have to worry about going out on your own for a day on the boat or getting out on the job. And if you have a lot full of trailers, how much easier would it be to navigate all of those trailers on the turn of a dime, without having to hook it up to a car or forklift. You can be out in your repair lot, seamlessly moving the various trailers around without having to call on anyone for help, and without creating a safety risk for yourself or the surrounding trailers.

Think of Trailer Valet as your personal assistant, no tips necessary: it’s the trailer tongue jack that does so much more than lift and roll. While most people find themselves having to call on friends or neighbors for help, struggling to get the tongue placed properly on the ball, this jack makes coupling your trailer easier than if you had a whole team on the job.

The process is just three simple steps: lift, crank, and steer. When you lift, like a regular manual or electric trailer jack, all you have to do is turn a top-mounted lever and you’ll be able to get the trailer up to the appropriate height. Next you’ll have a side crank that you can turn to propel the whole trailer—5,000lbs and all—forward, backward, uphill or down, all by yourself without breaking a sweat.

Finally, we’ve provided a helpful lever that acts as the rudder-handle to steer your ship on land, and carefully guide the tongue onto the hitch. What’s more is that the patented cranking system allows you to move the trailer on a 90º pivot without hesitation. That way, if you’re in a tight corner, you wont have to try to keep adjusting forward and backward, or put your car into a compromised position.

Safe For Individual Operation

In addition to the three-step process we have for getting your trailer hooked up, the whole operation, installation and maintenance of the Trailer Valet is designed to be easy for an individual to have and use. And if you’re trying to navigate a narrow space like a garage or awning, the steering system will be a steady guide as you easily walk your trailer out of even the tightest spots.

As far are installation is concerned, the Trailer Valet can be used on multiple trailers with a very simply mounting and dismounting process. Simply buy the number of mounts for the corresponding number of trailers you with to use it on, and then a matter of a few bolts is all that stands between transferring it between trailers. The security bolt for mounting and dismounting ensures that reattachment is safe, and won’t lead to it falling off later.

In addition to the ease of mounting, we’ve installed a handy automatic breaking system that helps you to keep from losing the trailer at the slip of a hand. Stowing the Valet is as easy as lifting it up, removing a pin, rotating the unit, and replacing the pin to lock it in place.

If you’re looking for a power tongue jack that makes the job of mounting and coupling your trailer easier, then forget the bulky, heavy tools and choose the Trailer Valet. Where a power trailer jack will cost you a lot more money, may not be able to touch the water, and will weigh your trailer down, the 45lb Trailer Valet helps you get the job done without breaking a sweat—or breaking the bank. Check out our shop for more information and to see a list of dealers today!