We want you to enjoy owning your Trailer Valet from driveway to lake, forest, ocean, desert, and wherever else adventure takes you. All of that starts when your Trailer Valet arrives; so we want the installation process to be as easy as possible.


Choosing Your Trailer Valet

What dimensions can the Trailer Valet handle?
A Trailer Valet can handle any sized trailer provided it meets the weight limits of that particular model. We recommend inviting a second person to guide your trailer from the opposite end, especially in tight spaces, as turning requirements can vary widely according to the trailer’s dimensions.

What is the gear ratio?
Each Trailer Valet model has a high and low gear train. The 5X has a low gear ratio of 11.78:1 and a high gear ratio of 4.1:1. The XL has a low gear ratio of 27:1 and a high gear ratio of 10.8:1.

Will the Trailer Valet work on my double-axle trailer?
Yes, if the total tongue weight does not exceed a limit of 500 lbs for the 5X; 1,000 lbs for the XL; and 1,200 lbs for the XL-Pro.

What vehicle types does the trailer valet support?
Apart from the 5X, all trailer valet models – including the RVR, XL and XL-Pro – support recreational vehicles (RVs), boats, and other similarly sized towable vehicles. Due to its design, the 5X is ideal for boats and cargo trailers, but not suitable for RVs.

What weight will the trailer valet support?
The Trailer Valet comes in several makes and models, capable of supporting variable loads. 5X: up to 5,000 lbs. XL: up to 10,000 lbs. XL-Pro: up to 12,000 lbs. RVR: versions are available for 3,500, 5,500 and 9,000 lbs.

Will the Trailer Valet work on inclines?
Each Trailer Valet model can handle its own degree of slope depending on the weight of the trailer and tongue, surface type, and trailer weight distribution. We welcome you to send our support team a picture of the full surface (with clear surface type and angle of slope) including your trailer specs. We can help determine suitability for any of our products and make a recommendation.

My trailer uses a standard A-Frame hitch assembly loaded with a battery, winch and propane tank, all of which consume space on the hitch tongue. What do you recommend?

The 5X would require space on the hitch for the mounting bracket. The XL is a better alternative, since you can use the coupler to move the trailer instead.

Operating Your Trailer Valet

Is the Trailer Valet motorized?
The RVR is fully motorized with a lithium-ion battery and remote control. While the XL-Pro does not come with a motor, it includes a 60V brushless drill which eliminates the need to bend over. The 5X and XL are manually cranked with an available drill attachment for power use.

Can an electric drill be used to operate the trailer valet?
The XL-Pro comes with a 60V brushless drill. To move both the 5X and XL, you can use a drill (not included) using the drill attachment which is included with the XL (sold separately for the 5X); however, this method should only be used when moving your trailer on level surfaces. To avoid injury, the user should have a firm grip and ensure brake disengagement. We recommend using a cordless, non-impact electric drill with a torque output of at least 200 lb-in.

Is there a standard socket that can be used as an electric drill attachment?
We do not recommend using electric drill attachments other than the one designed specifically for the Trailer Valet; our attachment employs a unique design to ensure a snug fit on the gear axles. The drill attachment can be purchased online or over the phone.

What is the proper tire inflation?
80 psi. Check tire pressure prior to installing, as they may lose air in transit. *Note: Pneumatic tires that require inflation are only found on 5X units and older models of the XL. This does not apply to new XL models nor all XL-Pro units.

What is the maximum inflation pressure for the tires?
85 psi. *Note: Pneumatic tires that require inflation are only found on 5X units and older models of the XL. This does not apply to new XL models nor all XL-Pro units.

Can the Trailer Valet remain attached to trailer while in motion?
Only the 5X is able to be put in stow position. You must crank its wheels off the ground, pull the pin which holds it in a vertical position, rotate the unit horizontally and reinsert the pin. However, this is not possible with any other Trailer Valet unit: they must be removed from the coupler and properly stored before trailering.

What happens if you lose control of the trailer?
The Trailer Valet has an integrated brake which will automatically engage when the handle is released. However, the brake works most reliably on flat surfaces. If the unit is at the lowest end of a slope with the nose pointed down, the brake will slow the trailer until the surface flattens out. Depending on trailer weight and slope incline, the Trailer Valet may or may not be capable of bringing the trailer to a complete stop until the trailer is on level ground.

Is the brake progressive?
Our brake acts as a dead man’s or emergency brake. The Trailer Valet brake hinders all horizontal movement, but cannot slow down during use. Speed is controlled only by the crank.

Will the Trailer Valet work on dirt, gravel and grass surfaces?
Yes*. The RVR can handle packed, uneven terrain. The 5X, XL, and XL-Pro, however, can only operate on tightly packed grass with hard soil or tightly packed gravel. We do not recommend using any of our models on other soft or loose surfaces. The Trailer Valet will not move on sandy, muddy, rocky, or severely bumpy ground. If you are unsure whether or not your surface is tightly packed enough, send a clear picture of the surface including your trailer specs to our support email.

How long does the battery last?
The RVR is a fully motorized, remote operated trailer valet that comes with a lithium-ion battery which will last for around 30 minutes of continuous use before it needs recharging.

My Trailer Valet works on my heaviest trailer. Will it work for the others?
Do not assume it will. The function of a Trailer Valet does not exclusively depend on weight; the size, weight distribution, and frame/coupler of your trailer will impact performance. Consult with technical support before making a decision.

Is there a lock for the Trailer Valet?
The Trailer Valet does not come with a lock. However, the safety bolt (Part Number 21b) behind the 5X mounting bracket can be used to secure the Trailer Valet. If further security is required, consider purchasing a locking bolt from a local hardware store.

Can I use the mounting bracket from my current jack?
We do not recommend mixing parts. The Trailer Valet includes a mounting bracket that is designed and tested to be 100% compatible with the Trailer Valet. Due to rotational forces that the mounting bracket may experience when the auto-brake is engaged, only use the mounting bracket included with the Trailer Valet. The Trailer Valet mounting bracket comes with stainless steel bolts for strength and rust protection.

Does the Trailer Valet come with a protective case or bag?
We do not sell or provide a protective case or bag for the Trailer Valet at this time.

Can this device be submerged in water (salt or fresh)?
No. Contact with water will damage the gears and chains that operate the Trailer Valet and erode lubricants.

How do I properly maintain my Trailer Valet?
Perform maintenance on your unit at a minimum regularity of 3 months; refer to the manual and/or our YouTube maintenance videos for instructions on how to properly grease the chains and bushings. Wipe down the Trailer Valet with a clean cloth after each use, especially the 5X if it was attached to your trailer during travel. Do not leave your Trailer Valet exposed to the elements. Avoid contact with water. Do not depend solely on the Trailer Valet to keep your trailer raised, as unexpected horizontal movements can cause the device to collapse, damaging both the Trailer Valet and coupler. When possible, remove the Trailer Valet and store in a dry, cool place to ensure durability.

JX Series FAQ
How do you recommend propping up the trailer for installation
A few suggestions we have for propping up your trailer are using your existing jack, a stabilizer block, jack stands, or wood blocks. You will need at least 16-18” of height to properly install the JX.

Can the center jack (JXC) be welded rather than bolted?
Yes, at your discretion.

Do I need to grease the gears before use?
No, the JX will come already lubricated. We recommend greasing the internal gear system every 90 days. Please refer to the product manual.

What is the load capacity of the JX?
JXC (Center Mount Jacks): 3K lift capacity and 5K static capacity
JXS (Side Mount Jacks): 2K lift capacity and 2K static capacity

What is the recommended drill torque setting?
We recommend keeping the torque setting as low as possible while still lifting the trailer.

Does the JX come with a caster wheel?
Each JX comes standard with a foot plate. Caster wheels will be released mid-December and will be sold separately.

Does the JX Center Mount come with bolts for installation?
No. Bolt sizes and threading may vary depending on the type of trailer you have. You will need to purchase bolts for installation. Here is a general standard: three (3) 3/8″ diameter, 1″ long, grade 5 bolts and lock washers.

What type of Mount Bracket comes with the JX2-S and JX5-S?
The JX2-S comes with a smaller bracket that can be mounted on a 4” frame and needs 6” of clearance to install. The JX5-S comes with a larger bracket that can be mounted on a 7” frame and needs at least 8” of clearance to install.

What is the best position for the JX5-S Mount Bracket to be installed
The connection point should be in the low position (recommended). However, it can be flipped to the high position if needed.

How much does the JX weigh?
JX2-S: 21 lbs
JX5-S: 23 lbs
JX2-C: 13 lbs
JX5-C: 13 lbs

Can the JX be submerged in water?
The JX can be submerged in water. However, we highly recommend cleaning and greasing the JX immediately after heavy water exposure.

Can the JX be stored outdoors?
Yes, the JX has three layers of weather protection and can be stored outdoors with your trailer.

What kind of drill should I use with the JX?
Any 18-24V compact non-impact drill can be used with the Trailer Valet Drill Attachment. We recommend the DeWalt brand – click here to shop DeWalt products.

Weigh Safe FAQ

What is the warranty on Weigh Safe Products?

In order to obtain the warranty, you will need to register your purchase first on the following website within 30 days of the date of purchase:

All warranty claims must be approved and authorized with a Return Authorization number from the manufacturer.

What is the return policy on Weigh Safe Products?

The return policy is 30 days from the date of purchase.

What Weigh Safe drop size do I need and how do I find it? 

Weigh Safe Hitches are available in a 4” and 6” drop/rise. As far as specifications go, we recommend at least 11” of clearance from the bottom of your installed ball mount. Here is how you can determine which size drop will work best for your vehicle:

  1. Measure from the top of your tow vehicle to the ground (make sure you are on relatively level ground)
  2. Subtract drop height (all of our drops measure 3” longer than the listed drop length; 4” drop = 7” in total, 6” = 9” and so on)
  3. The total that you get after subtracting the drop is the amount of clearance you would have with that particular drop

22″ (top of receiver to ground) – 11″ (8″ drop + extra 3″) = 11″ (of clearance)

* It is important to know that this is a generic recommendation and there are other factors that could impact the distance from the bottom of the hitch to the ground.

What is the weight of the products?

The 2” Drop Fixed Height Ball Mount weighs in at 4lbs 14oz while the adjustable drop hitch has a shipping weight of between 17lbs 4oz and 19lbs 9oz depending on selected shank width and drop size.

Is there a rental program?

No, not at this time. You may contact our support team regarding refurbished Trailer Valet units at or call us at (844) 846-9344.

Does it come with both balls?

For the Weigh Safe Drop Hitch, yes. Both 2” and 2-5/16” balls are included with the product. For the Fixed Height Ball Mount, no. You must purchase a 2” ball separately.

Are there standard balls I can get from any hardware store?

The 2” Drop Fixed Height Ball Mount can use any hitch ball with a shank width of 1in or less.

The Weigh Safe adjustable drop hitch uses specially shaped trailer hitch balls that allow the hitch to be properly locked in place. Only the included hitch balls or Weigh Safe replacements are compatible with this item.

Are the Trailer Valet hitch balls compatible with Weigh Safe drop hitches? 


Can the product be left on my trailer tongue?

Yes, but we do not recommend leaving weight on the scale for a long period of time.


The Trailer Valet tires are slipping on the ground and not gaining traction. What should I do?
For heavy boats, this problem may occur when there is insufficient weight on the tongue and excess weight on the tail. Make sure the tires are firmly planted on the ground, and lower the jack further if necessary. Consider shifting more of the trailer’s weight forward or cleaning debris from the surface below the tire.

I’m trying to turn my trailer, and I’m having problems.
When using a manually cranked Trailer Valet like the 5X and XL, do not stop cranking while making a sharp turn. Doing so will place tremendous stress on the leading tire, and may rip the valve stem. When using an XL-Pro, do not stop the drill until a turn is completed.

I cannot get my trailer up an incline.
If your trailer or boat is oriented back-first up an incline, the XL-Pro and 5X can be used to push it up. Attempting to pull your trailer nose first up an incline poses both safety and property risks.

My XL-Pro ball mount keeps slipping.
If the ball mount included with your XL-Pro is slipping and forcing the unit backwards, ensure the collar is tightened as much as possible. The collar prevents the XL-Pro from disengaging with the coupler.

Why is the chain on my unit loose?

The chain is made to have some slack to the unit because of the weight being tolled.  When the weight is added on the unit, the chain will tighten over the sprocket.  Chains do tend to stretch out over time due to the excessive use and weight.


My tires have started to deflate. What should I do?
Stop using your Trailer Valet immediately. Change the tires or fill them with air until they reach a PSI of 80. Using any Trailer Valet with partially inflated tires will impair performance and possibly rip tubes. Check pressure before every use. *Note: Pneumatic tires that require inflation are only found on 5X units and older models of the XL. This does not apply to new XL models nor all XL-Pro units.

The screws are coming loose out of the tire axle. What do I do?
We have noticed this problem on our more recently models and we are currently making improvements to fix it. One solution is applying a lock-tight liquid onto the screw threads and re-inserting the screw into the tire axle. If you continue to have problems, please contact us.

Purchasing, Returns & Shipping

How do you return a Trailer Valet?
Please contact us before returning your Trailer Valet so that we can learn why you are returning your unit. We can recommend the best and most affordable option for returning your Trailer Valet. When preparing your return, include original packaging. When shipping your unit, include all accessories that were included with your Trailer Valet. (Refer to the owner’s manual for a comprehensive list). An RMA form must be included with all return items. 

Do you ship to Australia?
No. We have two dealers, CAMEC and HORIZON ACCESS, from which you can purchase our products.

Do you ship to Canada?
Currently, Trailer Valet customers in Canada can purchase from Poco Marine (5X and XL units) and Xtreme Vision (entire product line along with parts and accessories).

Do you ship to Hawaii or Alaska?
Yes, however, our “free shipping” offer does not apply in those states. Please call our customer service number to place an order.

Where can I see the Trailer Valet in person?
To find out whether a trailer valet dealer carries our products in-store, you may contact your nearest location for assistance. If you are in Southern California, you may visit our headquarters which is located at the address below. You can call our toll-free number to make an appointment for a demonstration on any of our units, and check the availability of a product for store pick-up. If you visit the warehouse without an appointment, we cannot guarantee one of our technicians will be available to provide a demo.

Trailer Valet
17970 Ajax Circle
City of Industry, CA 91748

Please call us at (844) 846-9344 beforehand to arrange a visit.


Can I install the 5X mounting bracket on a cylindrical-profile tongue?

No. The Trailer Valet is only to be installed on trailer tongues that have a rectangular profile. Cylindrical tongues are not compatible with the Trailer Valet as they will rotate, allowing the trailer to drop.

What is the plate on my XL for?

When installed correctly, the plate keeps the locking nut of the XL flush with the coupler, which in turn reduces the possibility of damage on the coupler should the XL pivot due to excess horizontal force. Install the plate by placing it under the ball before threading the ball into the cradle on the XL. The lip of the plate must face the back of the coupler. Review these visual instructions if you need further help in using your plate.



XL – Installation & Use

XL – Detaching from Trailer

XL – Installing the Coupler Plate

5X – Replacing the Jack Tube

Using the Drill Adapter

Tightening the Coupler