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Trailer Valet 5X

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(20 customer reviews)


Imagine you’re having an open house in a couple days and you’re in the middle of renovating a bedroom to boost your house’s value. You get called for an emergency business trip and you have to leave suddenly, which means your wife will have to finish painting the walls. After you’ve left, your wife realizes the custom color paint cans are on the bench in the back of the garage, and your 4,500 lb fishing boat is blocking the entrance. You’ve already painted blue trim against white primer, so leaving the room unpainted is out of the question. If you didn’t own a Trailer Valet 5X, you would be completely screwed.

Luckily, both of you are well-versed in the 5X’s ease of use, otherwise your wife would have to enlist the help of all your neighbors and risk damaging the boat. Your wife effortlessly disengages the brake and cranks the drive handle in reverse, pulling the boat 15 feet out of the garage. She drops the steering handle to engage the brake, retrieves the paint cans, and then cranks the handle forward to push the boat back inside. With only a couple inches on each side, she doesn’t even break a sweat maneuvering the boat back into its extremely tight spot. Now your boat remains undamaged and your house will surely sell at top price: all thanks to your Trailer Valet 5X!

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Product Description


  • Compatible with most trailers up to 5,000 lbs (500 lbs tongue weight)
  • Automatic safety brake
  • Dual 9" pneumatic tires
  • Patented drive system with high and low drive gears
  • Posi-traction for maximum traction and ease of handling
  • High quality steel with powdercoat hammer finish and brass bearings
  • 300 hours of corrosion resistance
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Additional information

    Weight 54 lbs
    Dimensions 30 × 17 × 8 in
    Things to know

    Please review the following provisions to make sure the 5X will work for your application. If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing.


    The 5X can only be used to push your trailer back-first up an incline. To pull a trailer nose-first up an incline, the unit pulling the trailer must be heavier than the trailer being pulled.


    Turning the unit sharply without cranking the handle (moving forward or backward) will place tremendous stress on the leading tire and possibly rip the valve stem. Please crank while turning.


    Using the 5X with deflated tires is unsafe and will affect its performance, as well as potentially rip tubes. Tire pressure should always be 80-85 psi. Check pressure before EVERY use.


    When using the jack on your 5X, it should not be extended beyond 23", especially during operation. The jack can become irreversibly stuck if extended beyond its intended ability.

    20 reviews for Trailer Valet 5X

    1. Rated 4 out of 5


      This has been great to get the boat out of storage so I can take the family out on the lake.

    2. Rated 4 out of 5


      Works OK on MasterCraft 197

      Paid $360 from Amazon (cheaper here?!) and installed easy enough. MasterCraft weighs in right around 5,000lb, the max for this product. My trailer is tandem, which might pose some issues in maneuverability. Time will tell.

    3. Rated 5 out of 5


      Works great

      I must say I was kind of skeptical but my aging body was looking for any help. My boat is parked on a driveway with a slight incline but there is a “point of no return” when trying to push it manually by myself. With this Trailer Valet, I can easily position the trailer for easy hook up to the tow vehicle without having to constantly getting in and out. I just bring the vehicle close and “drive” the trailer to the hitch. Thanks for a great product.

    4. Rated 5 out of 5


      ***READ THIS REVIEW***

      Been using my Trailer Valet for a few months now, and…well…my pictures tell the story. I have exactly 3/8″ clearance on each side of the boat trailer and the Trailer Valet makes it as easy to park my bass boat in the garage as the marketing videos make it look. My bass boat is a quality boat, and that makes it waaaaay to heavy to move without a truck. Incredible tongue weight!! It also has a dual axle trailer so turning it is impossible by hand. The Trailer Valet easily turns the boat/trailer 90′ as needed to maneuver the boat into position.

      1 more thing, I have an early model and had a simple issue with it. The support I received made was amazing. They had no obligation to help me, but did anyways. If you are reading this, and looking for a product that does what this does, you clearly need it. Go buy it!! It is very reasonably priced and you will be amazed with what you get. Good work Trailer Valet!!

      (Hot Tub Engineer) 🙂

    5. Rated 5 out of 5

      Keith Jepsen

      Great product for the price.

      Seen this product at the pomona rv show, was very sceptic about purchasing this product after looking at the Powercaster, and the parkit 360. But I wasn’t quite willing to spend over a $1000.00, so I thought I would give the Trailervalet a try considering that they where located close by. I have a starcarft Ar-one 15rb and with all the stuff that I have in my trailer it weighs about 3000 pounds. I got home and unpacked the Trailervalet and it took me about 15 minutes to install, and I tried it out and it worked great, I was able to manuver my trail back and forth on my own with ease. No more having to push or pull.

    6. Rated 5 out of 5

      Ira Rosnel

      I really like this product. It makes all the difference moving my small travel trailer around my driveway and garage. My driveway is not paved and the Valet tires provide good traction.

      I like the fact that it has two gears. It comes in handy on different terrains and grades. I still don’t have the confidence backing up or hooking my trailer. The Trailer Valet makes up for my lack of experience. Without a doubt, it’s worth the money.

    7. Rated 5 out of 5

      Chuck Howting

      I read some older reviews on this and on other websites that listed great praise for the way the Travel Valet worked, but questioned some small issues of the design and quality control. Overall the reviews were favorable and I decided to go ahead and order anyway. My conclusion is that the reviews were listened to and it has evolved into a mature and well crafted product. The Travel Valet was ordered on Monday and arrived in Wisconsin on Friday afternoon and great condition. UPS treated the carton well and the interior packing design kept the TV components from shifting inside the packaging.

      The previous issues mentioned by reviews included parts missing, tires not inflated, tire stems hitting the wheel housing, and directions that were not well written. I found those issues had all been addressed. I installed the product in a short period of time. Because my trailer had the factory third wheel backing plate welded to the frame there was not room to install the Trailer Valet on the port side as I wanted I needed to install on the starboard side. The “crank from either side” design of the TV made it very feasible to mount it there which will be a workable solution.

      I tried it out right away moving my ton and a half boat and trailer out and back into my garage. I have an older home and the garage has only 3″ of clearance on either side . It was so simple a task to move the boat with the Travel Valet that I could not suppress a shout of “HOT D*MN” . What a great product!

    8. Rated 5 out of 5

      Mark Matis

      I have been using Trailer Valet on my 20′ Inboard Waterski boat for over a year now, and it makes the job of hooking the trailer up to my car, and then stowing the trailer after use, far easier than before. The boat on its trailer barely fits in my friends’ garage, with one side of the stern almost touching the rear wall of the garage, the other side of the stern in contact with the garage left side wall, and the folded trailer tongue touching the other side wall just inside the closed garage door. The driveway into the garage is sloped, and before I got this product, it was a real challenge to push the trailer up the slope and then maneuver it into position. With the crank on the “low gear” drive position, I can now easily maneuver it wherever I want, and can even stop and walk around to make sure I have sufficient clearance without the trailer wandering off on its own. If you are having any difficulty maneuvering your trailer with your current jack system, I highly recommend Trailer Valet. The product works great and is exactly as they describe it.

    9. Rated 5 out of 5

      TT (verified owner)

      The trailer valet is exactly what I needed to get my boat up my inclined driveway into my garage with only 1-2″ on each side and additional posts out 8′ in front of the garage with 1-2″ clearance by myself. It is very sturdy and easy to maneuver and turn all directions. What was a three person task (two to push and one to guide and chuck the wheels to stop the boat from rolling back down the driveway) is now done by myself. One caution I would give is , since it weights nearly 50 pounds, consider your tongue weight. If it is too much, instead of rotating the valet after hitching the trailer, just take it off and throw it in the back of the truck or leave it behind (don’t install security bolt). My set up is for only 300 pounds of tongue weight, and I can’t afford to add 50 more. Also, like others have mentioned, it is easy to stop often with brake and look around to make sure you are clear.

    10. Rated 5 out of 5

      Craig Turner (verified owner)

      Just finished installing my new Trailer Valet. Took me only 15 minutes. I played with it for about 10 minutes and then my neighbors came over and played with it and from the smiles on my face and their faces I can honestly say – UNBELIEVABLE!!! Probably the most innovative and easy use device for trailers this Cajun has every seen.

      I am one happy fisherman.

      No more straining and pulling and guessing if I’m going to bump the doors of my trailer storage entrance while pulling my boat out or returning it after a day on the water. the tongue weight is 240 lbs. on a 4000 lb. boat.All I have to do now is drive my boat it out of my narrow storage area with my new Trailer Valet and back my truck up to the tongue and drive off without fear of hitting anything. Same thing on returning it to storage. Fantastic.My retirement just got considerably sweeter. Thank you Trailer Valet.

      Regards from a very, very satisfied customer.

      Craig Turner

    11. Rated 5 out of 5

      Robert C.

      I have a 20.6′ Grady White Boat that is on a dual wheel trailer that I had a hard time putting into a close parking place . I had read some of the reviews on the Trailer Valet
      and had some concerns that it would not perform on my situation with the weight of my boat. I contacted etrailer and they were great to help assure me that the Trailer Valet had listened to customers and done some re-designing of the Trailer Valet to address some of the issues customers had expressed. So I took a chance and ordered one. I am glad I did, it does exactly what I needed.
      My boat is stored at a condo complex where there are close parking spaces and I needed to be able to put my boat in between the assigned parking spaces and could not accomplish this with my vehicle. It has been amazing to see the reaction of people watching me move my big boat with the Trailer Valet into the parking space. They have said they have never seen anything like this and wanted to know where I got it.
      I think I was one of the first to get one of the new re-designed versions of the Trailer Valets as I had to wait a short time for delivery. I was not sure it would work when it arrived, but without it I could not handle my boat by myself. This is a great product and it is worth it’s weight in gold to me for what it does.
      So far I am extremely pleased.

    12. Rated 5 out of 5

      Tom Erbil

      I now can fish again. This is a life saver and a back savor and a hernia savor. I have a very heavily loaded bass boat that I have to push and pull on a slight incline into my garage. Getting almost impossible lately because I am just getting older and I fear damaging my back or gut when I have to give it all i got to push it into the garage.. I mounted the trailer valet. Truly a life saver and a great design! If there was an entry under EasyPesy in the dictionary, there would be a picture of the trailer valet there. I now have comfort and hope for many years of fishing to come – what a relief! Incredible product and works just like the video. Just point the direction you want to go and start cranking the easy to crank handle. When you want to stop, push down the lever to FIRMLY STOP and LOCK exactly where you stopped. Don’t need a wedge at the wheel any longer. You will be VERY pleased with this very useful tool! Worth every dollar I have spent on this.

    13. Rated 5 out of 5

      Bob O’Brien (verified owner)

      I recently purchased a vintage 18′ Bow Rider. Since it is in excellent shape, I wanted to store it in our RV garage with the tow vehicle (full size GMC van) in front of it. The boat needs to be pushed to the far back of the garage and then turned at a sharp angle to all for the van to fit in the garage. Moving the boat with the old style jack was so difficult that it was a two person job to avoid hitting the garage walls when positioning the boat. I learned about the Trailer Valet on YouTube and immediately purchased it. It did take me about an hour an a half to figure out the best way to install it due to the trailer tongue length with spare tire configuration and low tow hitch height. Once installed I was amazed how easy it was to move the boat to the proper location in the garage by myself. I have 2″ to spare, but with the Trailer Valet I can now safely place both van and boat in the garage without worry. Great product and well worth the money. By the way, the deciding factor to purchase it was related to me tearing both calf muscles trying to push the boat without it. I could have purchased two for the cost of the Emergency Room visit.

    14. Rated 5 out of 5

      Gregory Whittenburg (verified owner)

      Coolest thing in the whole wide world! Works exactly as advertised.

    15. Rated 5 out of 5

      Robert Pilantz

      I have been using this Trailer Valet for little over two years. I just wish I would of discovered this product 10 years ago. I have major back problems and a very steep driveway and with out this I always had to grab my neighbor for help and if he was not around my boat would stay hooked to my truck until he was available. I once drug my boat around town for 3 days waiting for him to get home. Anyways I highly recommend this Trailer Valet to anyone with back problems. I am 68 years old and without it I would never get to go fishing without depending on someone else. I am free to come and go at anytime. I almost forgot to mention that I have ordered a few parts from them and I have to say that the seceretary that I talked to is so pleasant to talk to and very knowledgeable Thank You trailer valet

    16. Rated 5 out of 5


      I have to say without this Trailer Valet. There is no way my wife and I can push our 18′ Boston Whaler Dauntless on the trailer in our garage. Granted, we were able to back the SUV up the slope of the driveway but because the garage is really small, we have only 2 inches on each side of the walls, diagonally, fit the boat inside our garage. I tried it first without the Trailer Valet and it took almost 2 hours huffing and buffing pulling and pushing the boat. After that day, I looked online and found the Trailer Valet. It is really easy for me to back the boat in, turn to the left, a bit to the right, and able to fit the boat in the 18′ long garage in about 10 minutes. The only problem I have is the tires keep losing air 3 weeks without load. I use a standard car jack to support the boat. So after 1 year of use, I figure there is something wrong with the tires. I called Support and Penny was able to help me and send out new replacement tires without any issues. This is quality of product. Just make sure you keep some of the moving parts grease well and it will be fine.

    17. Rated 5 out of 5

      Paul (verified owner)

      I was honestly very sceptical that a device with such a low cost would be either well made nor functional. I called into TV to speak to a sales person, as I was interested in their HD $580 tow ball device, even though my enclosed Trailex sportcar trailer was not very heavily or very big as it’s all aluminum. The woman who answered was very pleasant, and down sold me to the lesser unit.

      It arrived a few days later, and was very impressive in construction and materials used ( SS bolts and fixtures)

      The installation was very straight forward, and the results are impressive. My trailer moves very easily and comfortabally and safely where ever I point it. My HOA won’t allow a trailer left outdoors, at 8’6″ going into a 9′ door opening, it went in easily first time.

      Well made, well designed. It solved all my problems, and lifts the tongue higher, thus the tail lower, making loading and unloading easier. Thank you

    18. Rated 4 out of 5

      Dave Morton (verified owner)

      I ordered a Valet. I had a very specific application and it ended up not being the right thing for me so I returned it. The customer service was no less than SPECTACULAR!! Their follow up was expedient, they sent a label so I didn’t have to ship it back, they confirmed receipt and refund – I would highly recommend this company. Very friendly and very customer oriented. Thanks!

    19. Rated 5 out of 5

      Bob O’Brien (verified owner)

      Updating My Review

      Now that I’ve had the Trailer Valet for over a year, I’m still very happy with its performance. We took our boat out 30 times last year. The boat is parked behind the tow vehicle in the RV garage and requires me to manually back the boat in and cock it at a sharp angle in order to get the tow vehicle room. I use the Valet with the drill bit adapter which is a must have item. It works great and I’m glad I purchased it. It sure beats manually cranking the Valet. I do detach the device from its bracket each time I tow the boat because the trailer tongue is so short that the Valet could be damaged in transit. It works for me.

    20. Rated 5 out of 5

      Steve S

      I bought this to maneuver my 12,000lb rated 20′ PJ Equipment trailer into a extremely tight spot next to my shop. The trailer weighs 3240lbs with a tongue weight of 420lbs. These weights were verified on a certified CAT scale at a local truck stop.

      My gate opening is only 8 inches wider than the trailer and the parking area along side of my shop is only 18 inches wider than the trailer. I have a solid fence on one side and the side of the shop on the other. I cannot get a straight shot into the parking area or the gate as I have to make a 30 degree turn at the front edge of the shop. The gate is setback from the front of the shop by 8 feet and the solid fence runs along one entire side. So it is TIGHT, TIGHT, TIGHT. I do not have enough room to maneuver the trailer into this spot with any vehicle or even my tractor. To make matters even worse, the initial approach to my parking spot was on a concrete driveway but that transitions to landscape rock (about 1″ – 1.5″ in size) that was placed over landscape fabric. Also the parking area is not flat but is sloped (about 6″ drop in 10′) away from the shop just to make things more challenging.

      After researching different dollies – especially the electric motor units (around $2,000!) I stumbled across the Trailer Valet. I was torn between this model – the 5X which is rated at 5,000lbs and the XL which is rated at 10,000lbs.

      After reading different reviews and looking at YouTube videos I decided to give the 5X model a try.

      Assembly took only minutes, which consisted on bolting the mounting bracket to the front tongue of the trailer using 4 bolts. I checked the tire pressure to make sure they were at 85psi, and they were. I was a bit concerned as my 420lb trailer tongue weight was close to the 500lb max rating of the 5X Trailer Valet. I should not have been. The dual tires on the 5x hardly bulged.

      I inserted the crank handle onto the upper driveshaft, lifted the steering/brake lever and started cranking away. I was amazed at how little effort was required to move the trailer. I did find that it was much easier to move the steering handle while the wheels were turning, but a couple of times I did have to move it while stopped since I was not perfectly lined up (kind of hard to do when you have to make a perfect arc to clear the building, fence and gate).

      I also thought that it might be a really awkward to have to stoop over to crank on the crank handle, while holding up the steering/brake lever and then trying to maneuver the trailer, but it was really easy to do. Having the auto-brake on the 5x was also a good idea (the brake is engaged until you lift up on the steering/brake lever), as I would crank for a little bit then have to go check the back corners of the trailer to see how much clearance I had or how I needed to maneuver the trailer and since the trailer is on a bit of a side-slope it would move a inch or so till the brake engaged.

      I did find that when the 5X tires went off the concrete and onto the landscaping rock that the tires would spin and not move the trailer if the tires on the 5X were slightly turned. I anticipated this possible problem and solved it by putting down a couple of scrap pieces of 3/8″ of OSB (or plywood) for the tires on the 5X to roll on. I moved the trailer about 25 feet on the OSB without issue.

      All in all, I think this product is GREAT!

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