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Trailer Valet RVR

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Introducing the newest addition to the Trailer Valet family: The RVR Series. Our first self-motorized and remote-controlled series of units, the RVR is designed to take the chore out of moving your trailer. With the RVR you can now move your trailer without bending over or the need to use your own drill. The RVR comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can give you up to 30 minutes of runtime. The included remote control allows you to not only move your trailer with just the push of a button, you can do it from up to 40 feet away. Now you can move your trailer into tight spaces without having to ask someone else to help you look around the corners. Heavy-duty caterpillar treads allow the RVR to go over different terrains including asphalt, gravel, grass, and dirt. The RVR also comes with 2 or 4 planetary gear motors that can drive both single and dual axle trailers.

With three models ranging from 3,500 lbs, 5,500 lbs, and up to 9,000 lbs, there’s a RVR for every trailer.

RVR5 and RVR9 models includes the Trailer Valet Base + Ball Set attaching the unit to your trailer coupler. This includes interchangeable 2 inch and 2-5/16 inch hitch balls.

The RVR3 includes a Mounting Bracket, attaching the unit to the side of your trailer frame.


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  • Compact Design: Measuring under 22"x18"x12", the RVR weighs between 45-77lbs (97 lbs RVR5 & RVR9 shipping weight)
  • Planetary Motors: 2-4 high torque motors to drive both single and dual axle trailers
  • Aluminum Body: Allows for a lightweight design and a lifetime of corrosion resistance.
  • Heavy Duty Treads: Caterpillar Treads that give you more traction over different surfaces.
  • Wirelessly Controlled: Easily and safely operate from any angle with the push of a button.
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    Weight 97 lbs
    Things to know

    Please review the following provisions to make sure the RVR will work for your application. If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing.


    The RVR can only be used to push your trailer back-first up an incline. To pull a trailer nose-first up an incline, the unit pulling the trailer must be heavier than the trailer being pulled.


    You may want to consider the Low Tower Bracket for a boat trailer. It mounts to the tongue, putting more weight on the RVR to help compensate for the boat's uneven weight distribution.


    Bigger isn't always better: if you have multiple trailers varying greatly in weight, do not assume the RVR 9 will work for your lightest trailer. Please consult technical support before purchasing.