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Jeff Shiver

As one grows older they must also grow smarter. After struggling to position my boat in storage, and doing so without damaging the boat, I told my wife there has to be a better and easier way. I came home and started searching through the internet for a better way to move boat trailer, and found Trailer Valet. My problem was solved.

Leslie Wine Jones

“Yes it really worked getting the boat into the garage. Each time I think will easier as we learn to navigate ! Well worth our investment”

Joey N’s Story

“The new Trailer Valet jack allows me to lift and lower the trailer with easy.  Your product is well made and performs better than expected.  I’m glad I didn’t purchase the Tow Turf that cost less and had terrible reviews.  Not only is your product solid, but your Customer Service was excellent.”

Greg Gebhardt’s Story

“Works perfectly. I am a 100% disabled vet and this lets me move my HiLo camper anywhere I need to by myself. Your product is great and so is your service.”

Larry B Skidmore’s Story

“The Trailer Valet Tongue Jack works as advertised and makes moving the boat much easier. I really appreciated this because I have a bad back and this equipment makes it so much easier and saves a lot of pain.”

Maynard Waters’ Story

“The Trailer Valet does exactly what I needed it to do. My driveway is steep and with limited space to turn the Casita around and park. But with the Valet, even with my bad back and other health issues, I was able to navigate the Casita into the parking position, ready to hook up and go. Thanks for a great product!”

Larry Campbell Story

“This thing works. I am 71 years old with a bad back and was concerned if I would be able to crank it without a great deal of effort. No problem. Moves my boat easily up a small incline. The low gear requires very little effort.”