About Trailer Valet

We serve your community: the hikers, campers, fishermen, dirt bike riders, cross-country RVers, and everyone else in between. The outdoors, for many of you, is simply your way of life. And you all know firsthand that one minor inconvenience has a major effect on your whole experience. We’ve witnessed it countless times: the time-consuming and infuriating attempts to maneuver your trailer into just the right spot. And you’ve probably experienced it for far longer than you’d like, and definitely longer than you’d care to admit! At Trailer Valet, it is our objective to maximize your time outdoors by minimizing your hassles of trailering.

Every one of us can agree that trying several times to park or adjust a trailer is a real source of frustration, yet it’s quite an avoidable problem. With our ever-growing selection of models, the Trailer Valet is exactly the tool you need to solve all your trailering problems quickly, efficiently, and with ease. Its success was promising from the get-go; it won the Best New Product and Most Innovative Product in 2012. The satisfaction of our international clientele base confirms that we are, indeed, continuing to solve these problems all over the world.

At Trailer Valet, we keep busy working together daily to engineer new products that continue revolutionizing the industry. We are proud of our products and confidently stand by them, providing you with an excellent support team that is committed to guiding each of you toward getting the most out of your way of life.

Connect with your community: become part of the change, become part of the solution.


DIY Network’s “I Want That”, 2013

Best New Product, 2012

Editor’s Choice Award, SEMA 2012

“The Most Innovative Product” by Popular Mechanics, SEMA 2012