(Even if you don’t have someone to help you.)

Whether you’re at home or on the move, maneuvering a fifth-wheel trailer can be a tall task. Fences, trees, small spaces, and other obstacles are always trying to bring you down. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

It is possible to move a fifth-wheel trailer without a truck, and it can be quicker and easier.

Moving your trailer with a truck seems like a good idea, but if you don’t have the help, you can get caught in the blind spots and unable to move your fifth-wheel trailer. When you’re backing up your fifth-wheel trailer with a tow vehicle, you have to think about turning the steering wheel, adjusting the side mirrors, guiding the towing vehicle and the trailer in a straight line, and driver side and passenger side clearance, all while you worry about that tight space.

Maybe someone is using your tow vehicle, or maybe you don’t have a tow vehicle that can move a fifth-wheel trailer! That’s cool, you don’t actually need one. If you don’t have help or a tow vehicle, you can still move your trailer with a manual trailer dolly.

Manual trailer dollies help you spend less time backing up a trailer in a tight space, and more time enjoying your day. And this is how you move a fifth-wheel trailer without a truck, by yourself, and without taking loads of time.

Attach your Fifth Wheel Trailer

Attaching your trailer is quick and easy with a manual trailer dolly. Whether you need a boat trailer dolly with our security bolt, the XL with our patented ball attachment, or our trailer puller with our quick-connect ball mount, you can attach your trailer in seconds and move your fifth-wheel trailer in minutes.

Even without help, the attachment process takes less time than opening a beer and celebrating how easy it was to move your fifth-wheel trailer.

Move your trailer with the crank or power drill

Once you’ve attached your trailer to the trailer dolly, you’re ready to lift your trailer or set the power drill into place with our drill adapter.

Place your crank or power drill in place, and guide your fifth-wheel trailer into the spot with ease. Using our patented cranking systems or new drill bit adapter, you can maneuver your trailer at up to a 90-degree angle making tight spots easy to navigate.

Bonus, if you lose grip for some reason, the trailer dolly automatic braking system locks into place so your trailer stays exactly where you left it.

The Trailer Valet XL is super easy to operate and allows you to take corners and make adjustments to your trailer position by steering as you move. You can be operated manually by using the included hand crank as a trailer hand dolly, utilizing the low or high gear. For added power, you can use the included Drill Attachment and a standard 18-20V Cordless Drill on the low gear, making it a motorized Boat Trailer or RV mover.

With a manual trailer dolly or power drilled dolly, you can move a fifth-wheel trailer or a boat trailer safely and efficiently. Then, when it’s time for the next adventure, you can get your trailer our with ease and tow it wherever you please.