Buying a trailer or RV is already an expensive investment. Most of them come with everything you would ever think of needing whenever you go on trips–but you can also customize your little slice of home to make it yours, without spending too much money. Who needs shiny new RV or camping accessories when you can do it yourself and do it to your liking? Whether you’re frugal or handy, you can build clever enhancements that would make your camping or trailering experience unique, enjoyable, and rustic.

1. Trailer/RV Awnings

How relaxing does this look? Your own welcoming shaded area, where you could lie back in your chair, enjoy some iced drinks–an awning for your trailer would be easier and more convenient to use than, say, tents that you would need to construct and set up. You can just fold this out and rest easy at your campsite. This would be ideal year-round–for hot weather, summer trips, and even rain.

2. TV Wall Mount

This just might be a travesty–watching TV when there’s enough entertainment to be had in the outdoors? But if you simply need your TV fix, you can conveniently mount your flat screen to a wall in your trailer. Whether you have kids who need their cartoons or you can’t bear to be without the latest episode of Game of Thrones, this is an easy enough DIY that can satiate your thirst for High Definition. Plus, every pimpin’ pad has a wall-mounted flat screen–why can’t yours?

3. Tile Backsplash

You can give your tiny trailer kitchen an attractive facelift by renovating the backsplash with colorful tiles. This DIY requires some more work, but it would look adorable, homey, and cozy. By updating just this section of your RV, especially if it has old wallpaper, it would brighten up the interior and make you feel at home when you need to cook.

4. Bumper Garden

This is perfect if you like to garden or enjoy growing your own produce–your own little garden hitched onto the bumper of your trailer or RV! What a beautifully rustic method of self-sustainability–that requires only a couple cedar boards, bolts, seeds, and soil. Whether you like to grow lovely flowering blossoms or fragrant herbs, you are sure to enjoy this mini gardening area.

5. Fold-Down Table/Desk

This is an ingenious way to save up some space in your trailer, and would also make a great work or office area if you need one. This desk folds up when you put it away, and folds down when you need it. You can also make some shelving space for your office needs–it’s an attractive way to classy up your RV joint; it would be useful for kids and adults alike.

6. Secure Shelf Organizers

Shelves are a must for storage, but it’s likely that once on the road, your things get disorganized and sometimes even fall. This nifty DIY shelf has a dowel rod inside that you use with your containers to prevent your things from tumbling. You’ll need some wood, a dowel rod, fasteners, wood glue, and plastic storage containers. It is simple to make and you don’t have to spend too much money on creating more storage space.

7. Cabinet Door Message Boards

Chalkboard is all the rage right now–and this just shows to prove how you can utilize every inch of your trailer or RV and put it to good use. This is a fun way to personalize the interior and scrawl hidden surprise messages. Plus, you certainly aren’t limited to using chalkboard on the insides of cabinet doors, but also wherever you’d like–perhaps parts of walls or the fridge. You also aren’t limited to using chalkboard, either; you can also try whiteboard vinyl.

8. Tic Tac Spice Rack

This is a clever, cost-effective, and space-saving way to store your spices. If you love to cook, you should know there should be no excuse to not have a fully stocked kitchen area, even with the limited space in your trailer. Simply save your Tic Tac containers, fill them up, label them, and organize them all in a convenient storage container–perhaps even store that in the shelf organizers mentioned above!

With some work, you can make your trailer truly your own and treasure it for years to come. Making your own add-ons and accessories will also help you utilize the smaller space, make additional space, and also customize your trailer to make it look welcoming, attractive, and most of all, yours.