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Boat Trailer Dolly

When was the last time you loaded up your boat trailer and it took less than five minutes? How about twenty? We know that when you go to get your boat out in the water, the biggest thing standing between you and the channel is a pesky little ball hitch lining up with the tongue just right. Rather than being able to keep to yourself, get loaded up quickly, and still keep your temper, you have to find someone willing to help and who knows what they’re doing before you can get on your way. That is, unless you have the Trailer Valet.

The Trailer Valet is the answer to the stressed boater’s hitching woes. When you’re single axle trailer isn’t budging from your driveway, gets caught at a weird angle on the dock, or just refuses to couple with the hitch, no matter how close you back your car to it, Trailer Valet is there to be your helpful guide.

If you park your car in a tight space like your garage, or a narrow driveway, being able to navigate your large trailer out without worry, before even hooking it up to your truck, is an invaluable ability. With the Trailer Valet, you get that experience every time: effortless navigation through even the tightest spaces.

Just like the name implies, Trailer Valet is the silent worker who helps you without expecting a tip. It’s designed for single-person use, easy installation, and with the boater in mind. We don’t care if you’re an experienced seaman who knows just how to hook up a hitch, or if you’re afraid you don’t have the strength to move a ship all on your own. The Valet does all the work for you. It’s a boat trailer dolly that’s also your personal assistant.

We know that often, unhooking your trailer at the end of a long day of boating can be just as stressful as getting going in the morning, except your energy is even more depleted. As boaters ourselves, we noticed that the common boat trailer tongue jack requires quite a big of finagling to get right. So we thought we could change things up with an innovative design that takes the term “trailer mover” to a whole new level.

What Is the Trailer Valet

To put it simply, the Trailer Valet is a multifunctional boat trailer jack that is designed to do all of the work for you. It has a maximum carry load of 5,000lbs, and can handle a tongue weight of up to 500lbs. That means that the Valet can handle even the most rugged of steel trailers, and can carry your boat out to the lake, or the deep sea.

Whether you’re trailing your boat from home, or you own a boat storage or repair business, and need to constantly navigate several large trailers around each other, the Valet is designed to save you time and effort. It your employees are constantly moving boats in small spaces by themselves, the Trailer Valet is an incredibly handy tool that will minimize the risk of collisions, cut down on time spend shuffling boats, and even reduce the energy your employees have to spend getting the boats ready—so they can focus more on the boats themselves.

The process is a simple, three-step system that gets your boat out of the driveway and onto your hitch, now matter how bad your backing-up skills, and no matter how small your strength. You lift, crank, and then steer. When you lift, you simply turn the handle and watch your trailer hoist up off the ground and go mobile on the Valet’s two 9” rubber pneumatic wheels. Then you turn the hand-crank as it propels the boat and trailer towards your hitch. What’s more is that the drive gear is so powerful, you can move both your truck and the trailer with just the hand crank, and you won’t even break a sweat.

As you’re cranking the trailer towards your car or truck, we’ve installed a steering handle, much like a rudder, that will help you guide the boat towards the ball, for clean easy coupling. And if your boat is on the heavier side, the boat trailer mover comes with both high- and low-gear operability. So whether you’re on the incline of a boat ramp, or handling rugged terrain on your front driveway’s pebbles, the Trailer Valet is ready to take on your challenges.

While a motorized boat trailer dolly might seem like the better option in theory, we believe that the Valet is the most viable choice for anyone who’s serious about boating, but doesn’t enjoy hooking the boat up. It can be easily mounted and dismounted thanks to the easy security bolt, so you can use one Valet for all of your various trailers. And while other boat trailer jacks may seem to weigh your trailer down, this powder coated boat trailer dolly stays rust free weighs only 45lbs, making it light, durable, and a snap to use.

If you think that decimating your time spent getting your boat hooked up, and having a tool that will keep you safe when you’re coupling your boat to its trailer is something you’re interested in, please check out the Trailer Valet here on our site. Or simply view our list of dealers, and find out if you could get this boat trailer tongue jack right in your own neighborhood today! Thanks for stopping by, and happy boating!